Chapter 1

Chapter 1



A modern inspirational story about the journey to success with a spiritual revelation.

In the thought-provoking novel Coach: A Story of Success Redefined, Cooper Travis meets the harsh reality of a decision that will destroy him or define him. His path is not always clear, but he is fortunate that a supernatural mentor is present to guide him in his journey. He is encouraged to embrace a life that is overflowing with love, faith, and peace.

Cooper had money, power, a large company, a beautiful wife, a big house, luxury cars and so much more. Why would he attempt to end his life when he had more than most people would want? He was driven by an addiction that grips many in modern culture; the simple yet powerful desire for more.

Challenges in life are inevitable. We do not desire to experience trials or crossroad events. But when we do they often lead down one of two paths - the road to destruction or the journey of salvation. 

Follow Cooper on his journey of discovering the deeper meaning of success and breaking his insatiable desire for more. He is forced to question everything he believes as he is molded into the man he was created to be. Along the way, his guide is a unique and supernatural mentor that forces him to redefine success.

Novel by Tim Winders

- Mike Baer
Author, Consultant, International Business Developer

In the style of Og Mandino, John Lynch, and Patrick Lencioni, Tim weaves a story that challenges us to rethink our view of success and to see it as something that comes from within rather than from the outside, as a matter of character and relationship rather than finance and status. The message is challenging in a most encouraging way and I have to recommend Coach to just about anyone who wants to find a full and satisfying life.

- Mike Thakur
CEO, Author, Podcast Host

"Tim loves Jesus. That fact flows through everything he touches from podcasting to coaching and now writing. This book is a heartfelt message from Tim to the reader, touching on Jesus' love for you in a unique and elegant way. To read the story of one person's journey, and see glimpses of so many others across the pages that cover it will make you smile, cry and reach for your journal to jot down a few 'truths' along the way."

- Jonathan Rexford

"I have known Tim as a coach and friend for many years. In many facets of this book, I have identified myself as the main character. Having lost hope, and stretching my faith, and realizing that peace is right there. Get the book. You won't regret it."

- Jeffrey Hardwick
A Transforming Word Ministries

"I finished reading COACH twice and cried both times. Such an inspiring book. I know Og Mandino would give it 5 Stars!
Tim was so detailed in describing the characters. So many surprises in the book especially the last few chapters and the 4 words at the end. Exactly how Og wrote his best sellers."

- Cherlyn Decker,
An author, speaker and coach who helps leaders and entrepreneurs hear, experience and lead from clarity and confidence

"Captivating! From the first page, the life of Cooper Travis captures your attention and unfolds into divine interruptions that save his life not just, physically, but mentally and spiritually to transform him into a new man. Cooper’s mysterious introduction to Asa is wrapped in intrigue and unlocks wisdom which invites wrestling with self to discover the truth of God’s Love, Faith, and Peace. Tim Winders’ is the kind of storyteller that drops hints of what is to come and leaves you on the edge of your seat with twists, turns and surprises.
I highly recommend Coach, it is a riveting read filled with revelation that will leave an imprint on your life. Well done, Tim."


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