Do you accept the traditional
definition of success?
If the answer is NO,
you are in the right place.
Learn how to Redefine Success in Life,
Leadership, Business, and Ministry 


We think we know what it is, but what if we're getting it all wrong?

Cooper Travis, the main character in Coach, had money, power, a large company, a beautiful wife, a big house, cars and so much more. Why would he attempt to end his life when he had more than most people would want? He was driven by the addiction to more that grips many of us today.

Follow Cooper on his journey of discovering the deeper meaning of success and breaking his insatiable desire for more. He is forced to question everything he believes as he is molded into the man he was created to be. Along the way, his guide is a unique and at times supernatural mentor that forces him to redefine success.

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Coach: A Story of Success Redefined

Tim Winders is a Strategic Coach, Author, and host of SeekGoCreate, a podcast and YouTube interview show. He has worked in the areas of Leadership, Business, and Ministry for almost 40 years. Tim was the guy that looked like he had it all: the big house in a Country Club resort, two businesses valued at over a million dollars each, plus over $15 million in real estate. But, in 2008, the real estate markets crashed. After a slow and painful erosion of his companies, he and his wife were bankrupt and homeless living out of their Honda van.

Fast forward to today. They are still "homeless", but this time by choice. They live, travel, and work in their 39-foot motorhome while enjoying the best locations North America has to offer. Through this journey, he is convinced that we must redefine success in order to live our best life. This topic is what he explores with his guest on the SeekGoCreate podcast which launched in 2019. 

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Do you accept the traditional definition of success? If the answer is NO, you are in the right place..

We interview leaders in business, ministry and life that are redefining success.

Host Tim Winders is a strategic coach and author that has worked in the areas of leadership, business, and ministry for almost 40 years. He and his wife live and work in their motorhome while traveling North America. Most episodes are recorded from his RV studio.

 “That was the best interview I have ever had” is the statement we hear over and over from guests. Tim does not shy away from tough conversations but he does it with honor and respect while inspiring the guest and the listener.

Episodes release every Monday. Most episodes are long form, conversational interviews with the occasional solo episode from our host.